Start Your Story {Class of 2016}

Welcome to Wellesley! --Grace and Gissell, Your Student Orientation Coordinators

Gissell and Grace got their Square-Dance on at last night’s Student Leader Hoedown. Yeehaw! See you in a few days!

Gissell and Grace got their Square-Dance on at last night’s Student Leader Hoedown. Yeehaw! See you in a few days!

How many of you will be taking Platform 9 3/4 to class this fall? 

We’ll find out in a few weeks!
This is Dean John O’Keefe!

He is the Director of Advising. Here he is posing with some of the special farm animal guests that have made their way to his office.

He is excited to meet you! See you soon.

Gissell and Grace made a trip to Costco to pick up Orientation snacks! Yummy, yummy.

Orientation is in 20 days!


A few weeks ago, Gissell and I took Dean Tenser to Wendy’s! We introduced her to the french fry/frosty combination. I don’t think we ever got her final verdict, but I also don’t think she hated it!

Have any of y’all ever tried this?

20 days until Orientation!

Question 1

Yo yo yo! Hey there Class of 2016!

We’ve received some of your questions and we wanted to answer the first one:  If you could spend a day with ANYONE, living or dead, who would it be and why???

For me it would be Martin Luther King Jr. Ever since I was a kid learning about the Civil Rights movement I’ve always thought about what it would be like meeting him in person. He was such an inspiring advocate and I was really touched by everything he did to make sure everyone was treated equal. He was so avant-garde that spending a day with him would be incredible. If only there would be more people like him in the world today.

As for Grace: If I had the chance to spend one day with any person, dead or alive, it would definitely be Harriet Tubman. Growing up I was told of this courageous woman who had been brutally raised as a slave in The United States, and would eventually use all of her days to guide an estimated 300 people to freedom in the Northern States. I have always been amazed by the great danger that Mrs. Tubman put herself through in hopes of leading others to freedom. Harriet Tubman inspired me to write a research paper in the 8th grade on the Underground Railroad. This project helped me discover a great amount of historical knowledge and sparked my passion for Race Relations & Immigration History. I am grateful for Harriet Tubman example of action and activism, and would be honored to one day have the opportunity to spend a day with her.

Thanks for your question! Send us more if you’d like to know more about us :D

Also, deadlines for the Orientation Trips, shirts, and 6 Word Memoir Project are coming up next week. Don’t forget to sign up or post the video before then!

HAPPY FRIDAY and may the Olympics frenzy begin. Woo-hoo!

Enjoy your weekend,


Orientation - 6 Word Memoir Project

Happy Wednesday!

As you may have seen, we have announced the beginning of the 6 Word Memoir Project that we are creating for Orientation.

For more information, login to the MyWellesley Portal, look under “Important Links” for “6 Word Memoir Project” and follow the instructions to create and upload your OWN video.

We are really excited about this — we really hope that you choose to participate!

-Grace & Gissell

Let’s Get Y’all Involved


Today we are finishing up our work week and let us tell you, it was GREAT. Even so, the clock is ticking and Orientation is getting closer every day. This week we finalized lots of plans for Orientation events and we had an absolute blast doing it all!

Right now we are trying to figure out a way for this blog to become a more interactive space. What would you like to know about us? What are you most excited or nervous about your upcoming move to Wellesley? We are here to help you!

Student Orientation Coordinator Fun Facts:
1. Gissell can Bellydance!

2. The #2 item on Grace's bucket list is to visit all of the capitals of the United States

3. Gissell and Grace both love Beyonce

So, what would you like to know? If this works, we will post a question a day — so ask away! You can comment on the Facebook post or message us through Facebook.

Rock on!

        Grace in front of Founders before a performance in the Green Hall Courtyard


                           Gissell spending time on the beach at Cape Cod


Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! (Side note: I never know how to start these posts. I usually think “should I start it with like ‘yo yo, homies’ or ‘oh heeey’?”, but I usually just go with “Hey there!”.. Hahaha.

Anyway, yesterday was a wonderful day for Gissell and me. We were able to meet with Wellesley College’s President, Kim Bottomly! We talked with President Bottomly about many of the events that we are planning for Orientation and later we gave President Bottomly her Orientation t-shirt (don’t they look great?).

It was fantastic to spend time with President Bottomly and let her know of the work that Gissell and I have been doing over the summer. We are indeed grateful for all of the hardwork, heart, and wisdom that President Bottomly and other Wellesley leaders bring to our institution.

So thank you for meeting with us, President Bottomly! I am sure that the Class of 2016 cannot wait to meet you!